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What you missed

Event Date:
October 16 - 18, 2015

Rosen Shingle Creek
9939 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32819

Who Attended:
Members and Associates


As you step into the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, you can’t help but be reminded of a familiar feeling – like home. There is a vibration resonating through this resort that aligns with our GIN Members. Blaine Athorn commented that the foyer of the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort looks like an intimate version of the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas – the setting for many of our past GIN events. Familiar-looking or not, the Rosen Shingle Creek was certainly providing the right frequencies all weekend during our ’15 Family Reunion event in Orlando, Florida. Throughout the weekend, GIN Faculty and Members crossed the stage with authority and brilliance.


This weekend highlighted abundant training, powerful recognition, humor and emotions, best friends, social and business networking, the hottest Club GIN dance party, and, of course, your GIN family. Powerful speakers like Don Boyer, Mary Miller, Ed Foreman, Earlene Vining, James Arthur Ray, Tess Kim Baschnagel, Sifu Stephane Patenaude, and Joe Mello along with your host, Don Colton graced our stage. We also featured a special appearance by Mr. Harris Rosen of the Rosen Shingle Creek to speak about building your dream piece by piece. All of these exceptional speakers were bookended by Master GIN Teachers, Troy McClain and Blaine Athorn. This incredible ’15 Family Reunion defined why this truly is the greatest club in the world..


Announcement: New Event

’15 Family Reunion turned good news into great as we announced the location of our next major GIN Event: Leadership Retreat ’16. March 4th – 6th, 2016, the Global Information Network is going back... back to where we started… back to the place where first celebrated this club 6 years ago: Cancun, Mexico at the exclusive Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort.

Leadership Retreat ’16 in Cancun, Mexico is your next GIN destination. This transforming event will feature exclusive training, spectacular excursions, tropical sunshine, exceptional cuisine, exotic drinks and the most amazing memories of you with your GIN family. Join us at the gorgeous Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort as, together, we live in luxury and expand our knowledge. With a seemingly boundless stretch of beautiful white sand beach in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico, Moon Palace Resort is the access we need to amplify our collective vibration. Be there for the Leadership Retreat of a lifetime.

We are excited to see you in Mexico for this exceptional GIN event. Space is limited, so register today!

Event Details

Event Date:
March 4-6, 2016

Who Can Attend:
Members and Associates

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort
Carretera Cancun-Chetumal Km. 340
Quintana Roo
CP. 77500 - México


Pricing - Registration Closed

$397 Per Person

Experience GIN, Promo Video

Troy McClain went on stage and set a tone for the weekend of positivity and solidarity. “Knowing something is not the same as feeling something,” Troy reiterated both of his classic points 1. Without a network, you have no net worth and 2. The best way to get ahead is to give back. Troy said. “We are simply the facilitators of the opportunity, but you are the opportunity, so start looking at each other. Members do business with other Members.” We have an obligation as GIN Members to share the knowledge of our teachings with other people. He praised the work of Joel Yeast and Lindsay Erazo from the GIN home office who wrote and produced a video for Members to use to promote the Global Information Network. You can watch the video bellow or download, and share this video by clicking on this LINK.

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Featured Speakers

James Arthur Ray

“Never underestimate the power of an inspired idea.” – James Arthur Ray.

On Saturday morning, we experienced the ideas and gifts of keynote speaker James Arthur Ray. From his work on the The Secret to his research and training, James Arthur Ray has always aligned with the teachings of the Global Information Network. Still, what seemed to resonate most with the ‘15 Family Reunion crowd were his ideas and experience of stability and character when facing challenges. Within his lesson, he profoundly said, “Meaning is carved. Your character is carved. When you’re facing the challenges and you’re keeping the faith and you’re holding the vision and you’re staying the course.” James Arthur Ray has faced adversity and he is better off for it. Challenges do become opportunities and James Arthur Ray helped show us the path to greatness.

Don Boyer

“GIN is not just a success club, we are an energy movement designed to be a mighty force in this world.” Don Boyer

When it comes to sharing the benefits of our club and being a champion for GIN, there is no couple more inspiring than Don and Melinda Boyer. On Friday night, this delightful couple took the stage to share their excitement of being in this great club. As Melinda pointed out, “The people of GIN are my brothers and sisters and I’m just so excited to see everybody.” Then, Don motivated us all with information and energy as he encouraged and directed us on how to change the world though the power of GIN. Don challenged us all to allow the teachings and training and feelings and good news of GIN inside of us – and once it is fully inside of us, it can be properly shared to the world. As you reach your potential, you allow this amazing club to become the motivating force across the globe. Don closed with this powerful statement, “Are you going to leave the world as it is? Or are you going to change the world through the power of GIN?”

Tess Kim Baschnagel

“Life isn’t about avoiding, preventing, or suppressing problems. It’s about effectively overcoming the challenges in front.” – Tess Kim Baschnagel

Brian and Tess Baschnagel are a more than a major part of the foundation of GIN; having separately joined this club and built a significant downline, they fell in love, got married, and had a beautiful baby boy. Tess shared her powerful story with us, taking us on a journey of true love and family. We all stood and cheered when she said, “You’ll never know just how strong you really are, until you are tested. This is when you put the GIN training to the test. You find the positives and rise above it all.” Tess reminded us that we can find happiness within ourselves and that each day is precious. Embrace your life and friends and GIN support system that, because life only gets better.

Joseph Mello

“We have the perfect combination of tools, training, and opportunity right here in this club… to make all of your dreams come true, but it’s up to you to plug in and engage.” – Joe Mello

What is the most under-utilized training we have within this great club? Influential entrepreneur and businessman Joe Mello has been a GIN Visionary since the very beginning of the club. He has studied, followed, and applied the GIN training in every aspect of his life. On Sunday of ’15 Family Reunion, Joe illustrated how each of us can get the most out of all that the Global Information Network has to offer. To finish the quote, Joe says, “If right now you don’t have the things in life that you want, the opportunity to get them, the tools to achieve them, the plan to keep them, or anyone to show you how, I’d like to remind you that you are at the right place at the right time. Because we have the perfect combination of tools, training, and opportunity right here in this club, right here in this room, to make all of your dreams come true, but it’s up to you to plug in and engage.” The above-mentioned training is for a system called the Priority Manager and Joe believes that it is the most powerful tool for implementing everything we have learned in GIN. This tool helped Joe achieve great success and he believes that, if you use it correctly, the Priority Manager system can take you to the top.

Sifu Stéphane Patenaude

“And that’s what life is all about. Do you laugh enough? Do you love enough? Do you take the opportunities – could this be the last time?” – Stéphane Patenaude

What is the power of a relationship? This club is full of training and recognition, yet most of us believe the thing that makes GIN so incredible, is the relationships we make. On Sunday Morning, Stéphane Patenaude spoke about the life you live, the power of a kiss, and a connection to family. He spoke of the positive influence you can have on each and every person. “You make the decisions. You choose how you live your life. You choose how your raise your kids. You choose every single thing. You have 100% control of everything you do in your life. But you’ve got to believe that – you’ve got to apply it.” Live for today and, within GIN, continue to be a part of something great.



What better way to kick off our ’15 Family Reunion than GIN Master of Ceremonies, Don Colton on stage leading us in sinGINg the Mickey Mouse Club theme song? Don sparked the energy of the crowd with humor and a personal story on how, when our dreams hit an obstacle, we can take a moment and reassess our plan.

Troy McClain

Troy McClain

Troy McClain was on stage all weekend during ’15 Family Reunion with his masterful training. He echoed both of his classic points 1. Without a network, you have no net worth and 2. The best way to get ahead is to give back. Troy delved into the origin of our GIN Training, announced exciting news for our club, and delivered meaningful GIN recognition.

Blaine Athorn

Blaine Athorn

This Family Reunion Weekend, Blaine Athorn delivered some significant GIN training, as well as gave us some tools for sharing GIN with others. During his Membership Overview Meeting, Blaine gave us an effective video to use for our recruiting. During his time on stage during the Level VI training, Blaine revealed that there is a reason why so many Level VI Members have taken this training numerous times. Then, on Sunday, Blaine introduced us to some new material from some familiar faces.

Mary Miller

Mary Miller

Mary Miller always says something poignant and influential. While we didn’t get to see Mary Miller speaking on the main stage, our Level VI Members were treated to compelling and essential training to continue their growth within this club. Mary was on hand all weekend to provide energetic stimulation to everyone at ’15 Family Reunion.

Earlene Vining

Earlene Vining

We can always count on GIN Legacy Speaker Earlene Vining to give us the best of her knowledge and encouragement at every GIN event. When it comes to individual recognition, nobody does it better than Earlene. Throughout the weekend, Earlene was on hand to be the influential and charming leader we have come to know and respect.

ED Foreman

ED Foreman

Ed Foreman embodies the strength and spirit of our club like none other. Whether he’s giving the keynote speech or storming the stage to liven up the crowd, Ed Foreman is the essence of remarkable leadership. During ’15 Family Reunion, Ed was the influence for so much of our education. Ed also made a very special appearance during our Level VI training where he spoke of implementing the advanced training though our actions.

Member Photography

Lights - Camera - Action! On Saturday night, the scene for '15 Family Reunion became Hollywood glitz. Once again, at ’15 Family Reunion, we rolled out the red carpet and dressed to the nines for our Saturday night party. As the flash of the camera popped, you became the star on the scene. While you met your fans and posed with the stars for the paparazzi, we took your photos and uploaded them to all of the glamour sites (aka facebook). Click the link below to view and download all of your favorite photos from our ’15 Family Reunion Red Carpet.